Simple, Powerful Solutions

✔ Solutions already contain all the modules required for the solution
✔ Faster and easier to evaluate and deploy
✔ Pre-configured with sample settings

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Batch Scanning Solutions

Take advantage of your scanners page feeder and scan multiple documents in one batch. These solutions will then split or separate the batch back into the original documents using a fixed page count, barcodes, OCR, blank or black pages.

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File Processing Solutions

If your network scanner or multi function peripheral (MFP) sends files to a folder or you have a legacy archive of image or PDF files then the file processing solutions can be configured to process the files in the folders.

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Data Extraction Solutions
PDF DataNet data extraction solutions process and extract data from PDF files.
The source files can come from scanners, email attachments or an existing document archive.
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eCommerce Integration Solutions
Our eCommerce integration products are designed to extract data from PDF documents - such as sales orders, quotation requests or purchase invoices - and automatically upload them into popular eCommerce packages.
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