Batch Scanning Solutions

Batch scanning is the process of scanning multiple documents in a single operation. On completion of the scanning process, the software separates the scanned pages back into their original documents. The separation or splitting of the batch can be controlled by various methods including a blank or black separator page, a fixed page count, a NEWDOC barcoded separator page or on the change of value of a variable (determined via barcode recognition or OCR techniques.)

How do you want the batch separation to work?

  • using a fixed page count (every page becomes a PDF, every 2 pages, etc.) or
  • a blank or black page or
  • a designated separator page you insert into your batch

    then see our Batch Scanning solution

  • using a barcode value already on your documents
    then see our Batch Scanning With Barcodes solution

  • using data taken from the page using OCR (e.g. an invoice number)
    then see our Batch scanning with OCR Zones solution

  • using data entered by an operator (e.g. supplier invoice number)
    then see our Batch Scan and Index solution