File Processing Solutions

Converting PDF to Data

Automated solutions for separating, renaming and filing of documents from network scanners or Multi Function Peripheral (MFP) devices or converting image files contained in an archive.

The ScanToPDF DataNet File Processing solutions can monitor a folder or group of folders looking for the arrival of new documents to be processed or it can be configured to work its way through an archive or legacy system converting the files into PDF files with the option of making them searchable.

How advanced does your system need to be?

  • a desktop application that needs to monitor a folder on a timed interval checking for new files to process
  • it needs to split any multi-page documents into individual PDF files using a blank or black page, a fixed page count, a barcode, or a NEWDOC separator.
  • it needs to automatically name and file the new PDFs. The file name being based on a barcode value, the source file name,  a combination of date/time and an increment counter
then see our PDF DataNet Barcode Desktop solution
  • It needs to Run As A Windows' Service on a Windows server
then see our PDF DataNet Barcode Server solution

  • It needs to process text or image PDF's that are received as PDF attachments
  • and the files are located in multiple folders across the network
  • and based on the different source folders I want to save the PDFs into different output folders
then see our PDF DataNet Barcode Server Pro solution
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