OCR Solutions
Create searchable PDF documents using the OCR Searchable PDF solution

Scanned documents are usually produced as images, which means you cannot search the text. The ScanToPDF OCR solution "reads" your document as it is scanned and places the text in the finished PDF so you can search for words in the file. The PDF file will be searchable (and crawlable by indexing systems) meaning you can easily find files using just a simple search in Windows explorer. Click here to see an example PDF which is fully searchable (enter some text in the find box and you will see it is fully searchable)

What do you want the system to do?

  • I just want ScanToPDF to OCR the scanned page and create a searchable PDF document.
then see our OCR Solution solution

  • I want to integrate the OCR solution into my application by calling a program to convert one of my files into a searchable PDF file.
then see our FileToPDF Command Line solution

  • I want the system to extract data (using OCR) from zones on my documents. The data must then be used to name files, split the batch and output to a csv file.
then see our Batch scanning with OCR zones solution

  • Process PDF documents from a folder or number of folders.
  • Automatically identify the document and apply the correct document template.
  • Use the template to extract predefined data field.
  • Use the data extracted to create a csv or xml file for processing by external applications.
then see our PDFDataNet solution