Standard, Pro, OCR and 1-Click Editions

If all you need to do is just scan and create a PDF file then you need either the Standard, OCR, Professional or 1-Click Edition.

Standard Edition

Designed for scanners that have an automatic sheet feeder for fast multi-page scanning to PDF. Use duplex if your scanner supports it. Create multi-page PDF's in seconds.
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Professional Edition

Uses the Standard Edition but adds other features to provide even better quality PDF documents from TWAIN scanners or imported files. The professional edition offers great value for money and features for the larger office who need to scan and import PDF documents and create great quality, professional PDF documents.
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OCR Edition

Uses the Standard Edition but adds the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) plugin to enable scanned PDF's to be created as searchable PDF files. Convert scanned images into text.
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1-Click Edition

ScanToPDF 1 click has all the great features of the Standard Edition but enables files to be named automatically and saved with only 1 mouse click and NO further user interaction. Buy 1-Click Edition Now 

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