Features Table

This page provides details of the advanced features provided in our solutions

Feature/ Solution  Captures from a TWAIN scanner  Captures from multiple input folders Automatically deletes source files after processing Saves to multiple output folders  Automatically names files using barcodes Performs Barcode recognition
Performs Batch Separation Performs OCR (Searchable PDF)               Runs as service  Capture data from zones Capture data using manual indexing 
Batch Scanning with Barcodes

          ✔         ✔   
Batch Scanning with OCR Zones
        FREE MODE  ✔  ✔     ✔ 
Batch Scanning Professional       
PDF DataNet Barcode Desktop

PDF DataNet Barcode Desktop Pro   ✔     ✔     ✔  ✔          
PDF DataNet Barcode Server

        ✔  ✔  
PDF DataNet Barcode Server Pro

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